Need to wear discrete braces – but don’t want them seen and desire quicker results?


ClearCorrect® is your best choice for discrete clear braces and quick results!

To get discrete clear braces and quick results – make an appointment with Dr. Ronald today, call Smile Point Dental on 08 8336 3623


ClearCorrect is an leading alternative to metal braces. It is a specialized treatment plan developed to invisibly straighten your teeth over time using medical-grade clear BPA free plastic aligners. The results are nothing short of amazing. Shape your perfect smile with aligners that are virtually impossible to detect.

The aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning and make the orthodontic process more comfortable for you because there are no wires, brackets or elastics to worry about. Imagine being able to enjoy an apple without slicing it into small pieces or enjoying popcorn without it getting stuck in your brackets.

Using continuous pressure over a series of trays, you can see results faster and with less discomfort than traditional braces. Plus, no brackets and wires mean no sore spots on your cheeks, lips and tongue.

An initial visit and consultation with photos, x-rays and moulding of your teeth will allow us at Smile Point to determine if ClearCorrect aligners will work for you. After all the preliminary work is complete, you will receive a series of trays from your dentist with specific instructions for wear – usually two to three weeks per step, at least 22 hours per day.

It’s not too late for beautiful smile. ClearCorrect is suitable for teens to Adult.

To get discrete clear braces and quick results – make an appointment with Dr. Ronald today, call Smile Point Dental on 08 8336 3623

  • 9 Visible Benefits of ClearCorrect
9 Visible Benefits of ClearCorrect
  1. ClearCorrect has minimal aesthetic impact

Clear aligners are fabricated from inconspicuous, clear thermoplastic materials. Whether out in public or at home, no one will ever know that you’re wearing your ClearCorrect braces.

  1. ClearCorrect is Removable

One of the biggest features of the ClearCorrect system is the ability to remove your aligners or place them back into your mouth at any moment for any reason. The added flexibility means that when an occasion may arise for which braces would be an inconvenience, eating food or playing contact sports, for instance, patients can just pop their ClearCorrect braces out and temporarily tuck them away.

  1. ClearCorrect is easy to clean

The same ease of use and flexibility extends to maintenance and hygiene. Individuals undergoing treatment with ClearCorrect can just remove their braces and wash them in the sink with warm water and soap. Once removed they can also be brushed as one would brush their teeth.

  1. ClearCorrect has little physical impact on the oral cavity

Unlike metal braces which have extruding metal components which can cause damage and discomfort to the oral cavity, ClearCorrect aligners are molded to the natural contours of your teeth and are mostly flat. This eliminates the potential for causing incidental cuts and bruises while drastically improving patient comfort. What’s more, clear aligners are precisely designed and fabricated to apply the right amount of pressure to each tooth over the entire tooth’s surface. Metal braces rely on wires and contact components which do not distribute these forces as uniformly potentially resulting in damage to the teeth themselves.

  1. ClearCorrect won’t cause incidental cuts and bruises

It is perfectly safe to wear clear aligners while participating in almost any activity. They are particularly well-suited for use by physically active clients and athletes for whom there may be more movement or potential contact between the mouth and teeth as a result of action. Basketball players, for example, would likely choose Clear Correct treatment as opposed to traditional braces for the simple reason that Invisalign braces won’t cut or bruise the oral cavity during play.

  1. ClearCorrect is comfortable to wear

Traditional metal braces are complex contraptions that are composed of many individual metal components and wires. With so many protruding bits and pieces, the opportunities for discomfort increase dramatically. On the other hand, Clear Correct aligners are precisely milled from a single piece of plastic material. There aren’t any joints, abutments, connectors, springs, or wires. There is only a single, monolithic and smooth piece of equipment free of any protrusions or projections.

  1. ClearCorrect won’t collect debris

The monolithic nature of each Invisalign brace makes it more difficult for food to get trapped reducing maintenance time and effort while also promoting a healthier mouth.

  1. ClearCorrect uses precision computer-guided design and fabrication

Clear Correct braces are custom fabricated for each patient with incredible accuracy. Each step of the process, from imaging to the development and fabrication of each aligner set is digitally assisted to ensure a perfect fit and treatment path that minimizes time and guarantees beautiful results. With traditional metal braces, results are determined by a human being, not a computer. An orthodontist must painstakingly adjust the braces for fit, comfort, and projected results which introduce an unwelcome degree of human error into the process. With traditional braces, client results may depend heavily on the individual training and experience of the orthodontist in question. With CAD-CAM-based clear aligner technologies, Clear Correct results are far more predictable and can be successfully administered by less experienced dental professionals – not just orthodontists.

  1. ClearCorrect has predictable results and treatment path

Because the ClearCorrect system relies heavily on computer-aided design (CAD) and fabrication, as well as computer-aided projections for how the treatment path will unfold, results are far, far more predictable than with traditional braces.

To get discrete clear braces and quick results – make an appointment with Dr. Ronald today, call Smile Point Dental on 08 8336 3623

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Need invisible braces that work quickly?


If you need to wear braces but don’t want them visible and desire quicker results – ClearCorrect® is your best choice.

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Line them all up with Invisalign – the world’s leading clear aligner system to straighten teeth.

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